Following criticism, Britney Spears denies body-shaming Christina Aguilera.

In an Instagram post that featured a Rodney Dangerfield quotation, Britney Spears denied body-shaming Christina Aguilera. On Tuesday, the “Toxic” singer clarified remarks that she claims caused Christina Aguilera to stop following her on Instagram. “By no means was I being judgmental of Christina’s lovely figure, it is what it is!!! I flew to watch her show once and the […]

Future indigenous scientific solutions

We are developing Indigenous-driven scientific solutions in collaboration with communities around Australia. These ideas will help Indigenous peoples, cultures, and nations have sustainable futures. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have amassed extensive knowledge about, compassion for, and respect for the country’s lands and seas through tens of thousands of years. Indigenous scientists are now Australia’s first scientists as a […]

Better standards would enable us to reduce waste while making plastics infinitely useful. This is how.

The power of product standards is genuine. They might be used to decrease waste across the whole lifespan of plastic. A plastic food container’s reverse side will have microscopic lettering that looks like “AS 2070” on it. This indicates that the item complies with the Australian standard for food-safe plastics. These often ignored rules are a part of everyday existence. […]

In a recent social media post, Meenu Singh said that Bollywood killed Sushant Singh Rajput out of jealousy.

In the wake of Rajput’s passing on June 14, 2020, the NCB launched its investigation into potential drug usage in the film and television business. Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing rocked the whole industry, but his family and fans still can’t get over the tragedy. The actor passed away in June 2020 at the age of 34. Since then, […]

FADA: High Transparency and Fair Business Practices Are Expected by Automobile Dealers from Manufacturers

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) noted in releasing its Dealer Satisfaction Study 2022 that dealers’ involvement in the policy-making of automotive firms and their openness to direct contributions are among the primary expectations they have from vehicle makers. According to a statement made on Friday by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations, automakers must continue to be more […]

Hemant Gupta of the Supreme Court says that the hijab cannot be compared to Sikh practises in the Karnataka Hijab Row.

Aishat Shifa versus the State of Karnataka While listening to petitions opposing the Karnataka High Court’s ban on wearing the hijab at educational institutions, Justice Hemant Gupta said aloud that Sikhism’s religious traditions are “deeply engrained in the Indian culture.” He scorned the comparisons between the Christian cross, Hindu tikas, and Sikhs’ turbans and kirpans. Justice Gupta said that comparing […]

The ‘The Rings of Power’ backlash is racist and sexist, which goes against the spirit of ‘LOTR’: being awakened is the new normal

Fantasy is accessible to all. Fans of Tolkien’s original books and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have engaged in heated debate. In contrast to several of Tolkein’s original works, the showrunners of the new Amazon Original programme have embraced characters of colour who are also portrayed by actors of colour. Unfortunately, internet trolls who assert that […]

As part of a $70 billion investment, the Adani Group will invest heavily in green energy and construct three gigafactories in India.

The Ambanis had earlier announced their fifth gigafactory, and Adani Group flexed their green energy strategy. The Adani Group is currently showing off in the clean, green energy sector. The business plans to erect three gigafactories in India. Gautam Adani, the third-richest billionaire in the world, has long been an outspoken supporter of renewable energy. This follows the company’s growth […]

Review of “Brahmastra”: Ayan Mukerji’s Astraverse Is All That Bollywood Needs

The Astraverse is here to stay, so forget the MCU. Brahmastra, Ayan Mukerji’s long-awaited dream endeavour, has finally been completed. The movie delivers on its promises while also providing extras that weren’t required. Ranbir Kapoor serves as Mukerji’s muse and Brahmstra: The Beginning serves as his inspiration. First part: The grandiose Astraverse of Mukerji doesn’t end with Shiva. Astraverse is […]

Here is everything Apple revealed during their announcement for the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch.

Apple’s September presentation had a tonne of new hardware, most of which we weren’t overly surprised to see. The brand-new Apple Watch Ultra, the more advanced Apple Watch Series 8, and a new Apple Watch SE were all anticipated products that the rumour mill accurately predicted. Additionally, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro mainly lived up to expectations, despite the […]