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In a recent viral claim, a video purportedly showing actress Urfi Javed visiting Bagheshwar Dham has been circulating on social media. However, a thorough investigation by Vishwas News has revealed that the viral video is fake.

The video, which dates back to January 2023, actually captures Urfi Javed’s visit to a gurdwara in Andheri, Mumbai. Various unrelated videos featuring Urfi Javed and Dheerendra Shastri have been edited together to create false claims about her visit to Bagheshwar Dham.

Details of the Viral Claim

The viral video, shared by Facebook user Govind Gupta on July 4, 2023, alleges that Urfi Javed visited Bagheshwar Dham. The post includes hashtags like #urfijavedvideo, #UrfiJavedNews, #bageshwardhamsarkar, and others.

Investigation and Fact-Checking:

Vishwas News initiated a fact-checking process to verify the viral claim. An open search on Google using relevant keywords did not yield any credible news or reports confirming Urfi Javed’s visit to Bagheshwar Dham.

Further investigation involved conducting a reverse image search of screenshots from the video using Google Images. This led to the discovery of a report on the website of ABP Live, published on January 28, 2023. The report mentioned that the viral video was actually from a gurdwara and had gained significant attention. Another news article on News Nation TV’s website, also published on January 28, 2023, provided details about the video, stating that Urfi Javed was seen distributing prasad (holy offering) to people at a gurdwara in Andheri while dressed in a traditional look. The video was widely shared on social media platforms.

The original video can also be found on the verified Instagram account of ‘instant Bollywood,’ shared on January 28, 2023.

Vishwas News contacted Urfi Javed for clarification, and she confirmed that she had never visited Bagheshwar Dham.

Additionally, Bharat Sharma, Chief of Chhatarpur Bureau for Naidunia, was consulted regarding the matter. He stated that no Bollywood actor had visited Bagheshwar Dham, and if such an event had occurred, it would have been widely reported.


The viral claim regarding actress Urfi Javed’s visit to Bagheshwar Dham has been debunked after a thorough investigation by Vishwas News. The viral video, dated January 2023, actually captures her visit to a gurdwara in Mumbai. The video was edited together with unrelated clips featuring Urfi Javed and Dheerendra Shastri to create false claims. It is crucial to verify the authenticity of such viral content before sharing it on social media platforms to prevent the spread of misinformation.

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