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The best-trending tags for YouTube videos will depend on the topic and content of the video. However, here are some general tips for using tags on YouTube:

  1. Use relevant tags: Make sure your tags accurately reflect the content of your video. Use specific tags that describe the topic or theme of your video, as well as more general tags that describe the broader category.
  2. Use long-tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are more specific phrases that people might use when searching for content on YouTube. By using long-tail keywords in your tags, you can improve the chances of your video being discovered by people who are interested in that specific topic.
  3. Use popular tags: Including some popular tags can help your video show up in search results and get more views. You can use tools such as Google Trends, VidIQ, or TubeBuddy to identify popular tags and keywords for your topic.
  4. Please don’t overdo it: While tags are important for getting your video discovered, it’s important not to go overboard. Using too many tags can actually hurt your video’s visibility and make it look like spam. Try to limit your tags to 10-15 relevant keywords and phrases.

Some popular tags that are trending on YouTube include:

  • #shorts
  • #vlog
  • #tutorial
  • #challenge
  • #reaction
  • #music
  • #funny
  • #gaming
  • #travel
  • #beauty

Again, it’s important to choose tags that are relevant to your specific video and content.

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