What is Bookmark

A bookmark is a saved link to a particular Web page. Microsoft Internet Explorer denotes bookmarks as “favorites.” What’s the significance here? A bookmark is an Internet browser include used to save a URL address for future reference. Bookmarks save client and program time, which is particularly helpful for Pages with long URLs. Sense of Bookmark A bookmark saves or […]

What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless communications technology intended to replace cables. It allows short-range connections between two or more Bluetooth-compatible devices such as mobile phones, tablets, headsets or medical equipment. Bluetooth is a processing and broadcast communications industry detail that portrays how gadgets can speak with one another. Bluetooth gadgets incorporate PCs, consoles and mice, individual advanced partners, and cell phones. […]

What is Bit?

A bit (short for binary digit) is the smallest unit of measurement in computing. 8 bits make up 1 byte. A piece is the most essential unit of data in figures. It is short for parallel digit, and that implies that it can have one of two qualities, 0 or 1. Enormous sections of PC memory are made out of […]

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the maximum amount of data that can travel a communications path in a given time, usually measured in seconds. Definition The most extreme measure of information sent over a web association in a given measure of time. Data transmission is frequently confused with web speed when really the volume of data can be sent over an association […]

What is Backward compatible?

If software is backward compatible, it is compatible with earlier (superseded) versions of the same software. For example, the Microsoft word-processing program Word 2010 can read files created in the 2003 version of the same program, so it is backward compatible. What is in reverse viable (in reverse similarity)? In reverse viable (otherwise called descending viable or in reverse similarity) […]

What is Attachment?

An attachment is a document sent with an email message. Many types of files can be sent this way (e.g. Word documents, PDFs, Excel files, JPEGs). Be wary of attaching large files because these can take a lot of time for the recipient to download. If you have a large file, it is considered good practice to compress the file […]

What is Assistive Technology

Assistive technology refers to any software or hardware that acts to assist and improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities. Examples include wheelchairs, prosthetics, voice-to-text technology, and text-to-speech technology. Introduction Assistive innovation (AT) alludes to “assistive items and related frameworks and administrations created for individuals to keep up with or work on working and consequently advance well-being”. It permits […]

What Does Analog Mean?

Analogue is a conventional method of transmitting data. Standard landline telephones use analogue technology. It is distinct from digital technology, which provides for greater quality and speed of data transmission. What’s the Analog Mean? Simple, with regards to innovation, alludes to signals got from actual peculiarities that likewise might be deciphered as signs addressing actual estimations. Light or visual contribution, […]