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Days of Our Lives is transitioning to streaming, similar to many other network television programmes. After 57 years on the air, ET’s Matt Cohen spoke with the stars of the venerable soap opera about how the show would change after switching from NBC to Peacock.

Deidre Hall explained, “Well, I think we all think of Peacock as NBC, so it’s not a major adjustment, but it means that we are on the air, we’ll still be reaching millions of people, and I think we’re all pleased to be doing that.

Robert Scott Wilson added, “Absolutely, yeah, no, it’s a new opportunity. It’s energising, increases the longevity of anything with a lengthy history, and opens up new opportunities for a new audience.

Drake Hogestyn declared that he would join in, even if he still preferred the conventional method of watching TV.

Hogestyn acknowledged that she was in the “older audience,” didn’t have a smart television, and didn’t have internet access. “I like to turn my TV on and have my show be right there,” she said. They exclaimed, “Hoge, you’re missing it! Everyone’s on their phones, their tablets, and different stuff. They watch anything they want, anytime. You have a television set?” as I was conversing with some guys in the gym.

I’m with most of the audience here, so,” he said. There will be a learning curve, but for $1.99 a month, I think that’s a good value, so I’m in.

The 57-year-old soap can now take greater creative chances thanks to the switch from broadcast to streaming, which at first shocked members of the actors.

It’s a chance to be more creative, however that is defined, while adhering to the rules and maintaining the integrity of the history of what we’ve been doing around here for a very long time, Wilson said. However, having the lines now allows us to be a little more creative and keep up with the needs of what is now streaming.

Hogestyn explains that because they are no longer bound by some of the stringent rules and regulations enforced by broadcast television, the show may now be more “racy.”

Hogestyn continued, “We’re kind of into a different league.” “It’s from the league of standards and practises,” the actor recalled, “where I remember there were some scenes we had one time that were pretty racy, and they had the standards and practises people in the booth, and when the racy scene came up, they accidentally knocked a hot cup of coffee over on ’em, and they won’t have to do that now with the streaming.”

And there needs to be a balance between providing the younger audience and the adventurers what they want but also respecting the older audience and what they want from their soap opera, he said.

The change, which will enable viewers to take the show with them wherever they go, was dubbed “a gift” by Eric Martsolf.

To be completely honest, Martsolf acknowledged that he initially felt anxious. “I was scared because I’m a creature of habit, like many people, that watches their television a specific manner,” he said.

“And those nerves went away as soon as I arrived home,” he added, “and I went to say hello to my twin boys, who are 16 and on their tablets, phones, and shows, and they’re bringing their phones and their shows with them out the door. I understood that the mobility can be a really crucial, great thing.

Martsolf continued, “I believe it’s just going to rock and roll from there honestly. The ability to take your show with you wherever you want to go, I think once people accept that change and realise what a gift that is.

All in all, it’s an exciting time for the programme, with Camila Banus adding that the cast is “glad” to be part of the long-running soap’s inventive next move.

Banus said, “I think we’re all just humming with enthusiasm. I think the first soap to go full on streaming is a really wonderful title to have. We’re just glad to be part of this great, fresh, unusual, inventive move.”

Only on Peacock is Days of Our Lives currently available for streaming.

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