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Movie Review for Sita Ramam:

Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur, Rashmika Mandanna, Prakash Raj, and others make up the star cast.

Hanu Raghavapudi is the director.

What’s Bad: The predictable turns and the attempt that is obviously made to make it more poetic.

Bathroom Break: Take a break when the turns get predictable. However, the second half improves.

Watch or Not?

Watch it for a poetic and heartbreaking cinematic experience.

Indian language Malayalam (with subtitles).

You may watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

: 157 minutes long.

Young Afreen (Rashmika) of Pakistan is compelled by her deceased grandfather to deliver a letter to Sita (Mrunal) in India since he owes writer Ram money (Dulquer). Afreen is less aware that she is embarking on an adventure to discover a love tale and also witness her own personal growth.

Film review for Sita Ramam
Film review for Sita Ramam ( Photo Credit – A Still From Sita Ramam )
Review of Sita Ramam, with a script analysis
Unrequited love, ties that cross international boundaries, and a charm that evokes a time when letters were the primary form of communication all have a nostalgic quality. But it never fails to bring me great joy when contemporary storytellers get it right. Welcome to Sita Ramam, a musical epic that masterfully combines tragedy and love with its tune so that you largely overlook its imperfections. But I am unable.

Sita Ramam, a story by Hanu Raghavapudi, is somewhat packed like the great Mahanati. When a young person must enter a story to accomplish a task, they learn about both the tragedy and themselves. But you shouldn’t cancel the Dulquer starring for that reason because the plot is altogether different. The 1960s and the 1980s are divided into two time periods, and the movie alternates back and forth between them. Even though the current appears to be in some doubt, the flashback holds all the sway.

Hanu shapes his tale into a fairy tale by placing his star-crossed lovers, who were never intended to be together, between the pristine whites of the snow and the lush greens of the forest. Everyone has a riddle to solve, which is how Raghavapudi keeps us interested. There is an orphan who is alone and a queen who, despite having a family, feels lonely. It is a very lovely idea that they combine to become one.

This film does become overly predictable and branches off at one point, but Sita Ramam’s emotion stays in the proper place at all times and steers the ship. But the good news is that the filmmakers also pay attention to the world around the love story. In Afreen, they mould every young mind such that they believe their religion is superior and that the other country and its people are evil. It addresses the “them & us” phenomenon.

But there are also times when reasoning is called into doubt. How does no one in her state not know that the woman wandering around without a cover is their princess and why don’t they notify Ram? Or how has the sudden unanimity in the Kashmir valley gone unquestioned?

Review of the film Sita Ramam: Star Performance
It just gets better for Dulquer Salmaan and his innocence. There are just a select few actors who can simply bring out their innocence. He belongs to them. Love and conflict both have conviction.

Mrunal Thakur appears in the film as a different character who would serve as a trigger for the hero’s journey, but she and the filmmakers disprove everyone’s assumptions. Around this character is where the plot actually takes shape. Thakur demonstrates that she is capable of doing this in her well-planned dramatic performance. Do you need me to tell you how gorgeous she is?

Rashmika must undergo a noticeable shift, and the actor in the small role must as well. I wish she had received more than she does.

Hanu Raghavapudi occasionally has large frames of reference that mimic Mani Ratnam’s. Although Ratnam is the master of the destructive love story, Hanu manages to come close to taking the victory with a strong performance. He creates a fairyland and then simultaneously delivers a tragedy, and it works brilliantly.

With the use of their cameras, Shreyas Krishna and PS Vinod greatly aid him in bringing the world to life. Anyone with an interest in framing should see how they play with the lights to understand why they are superior to many others.

The soundtrack by Vishal Chandrashekhar is what holds this picture together. Even when the movie is over, the topic will stick with you since it is so heartbreaking.

The Last Word: A Review of the Sita Ramam Film
Although Sita Ramam has flaws, you should nevertheless respect the work that went into creating this ambitious plot. If this is merely a stepping stone, I’m interested to watch where this team goes from here.

Film Sita Ramam

Release day for Sita Ramam is August 5, 2022.

Tell us about your Sita Ramam viewing experience.

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