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The starting price for the Apple Watch Series 8 is $399 for GPS and $499 for GPS+Cellular.

The wait is ended! Apple officially displays the much-awaited Apple Watch Series 8 during the ‘Far Out’ event and it appears much or less comparable to the renders and rumours we have covered before. Our favourite part of the advertisement, “How Apple Watch Saved My Life?” is heavily featured.
Regarding the appearance, the Watch Series 8 has a similar appearance to the Watch 7, but with smaller bezels and a larger display.

However, the health functions take the focus as the Watch Series 8 offers new cycle tracking capabilities including Ovulation. It is especially made to protect women’s health and securely keep your information.

In addition, a temperature sensor calculates your ovulation cycle in the past. Additionally, you can monitor any overnight temperature changes brought on by activity, jet lag, or alcohol. Your cycling partner, the cycle tracking notifies your iPhone of any additional health concerns.

The health information is end-to-end encrypted for privacy purposes and can only be disclosed with “Explicit Permission.” It can be accessible exclusively with your Touch ID or Face ID.

Another important takeaway is the new crash detection capability. A car accident can be detected by the Apple Watch Series 8. Shoppingmode can tell if you’ve been in a vehicle accident. A high G-force accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope that can measure up to 256 Gs are two new sensors that Apple included.

Additionally, the business unveiled Low Power Mode, which keeps defect detection and activity tracking in addition to a 36-hour battery life. Other functions like auto-workout detection and always-on displays are also momentarily disabled.

The list of requirements is as follows:

1) Detection of Crash
Temperature sensing, ECG, and
Blood oxygen monitoring; multisport exercises; and 3.
5) Brand-new watchbands and faces
6) Quick recharging
7) 36-hour runtime in low power mode
8) History of Arterial Fibrillation
9) Monitoring ovulation
10). Sleep monitoring

The starting price for the Apple Watch Series 8 is $399 for GPS and $499 for GPS+Cellular. Preorders begin on September 16th.

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