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According to the research, you will only experience one of the three.

A study claims to have identified three types of orgasm experienced by women, using data collected by a “biofeedback vibrator”. Letting participants loose with a Bluetooth-connected “Lioness” dildo, researchers were able to classify orgasms into three distinct types: the wave, the avalanche, and the volcano.

Lioness, who make the vibrators, had previously identified these three types of orgasm back in 2017, but this new research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine appears to validate their claims. The small-scale study asked 54 women who use the Lioness vibrator to allow their masturbation data to be collected during masturbation conditions and a “control” condition where the dildo was inserted but no self-stimulation took place.

“For the climax conditions, ladies were told to self-animate to one climax and afterward switch the unit off two minutes after climax was accomplished,” the group wrote in their review. “This permitted a visually impaired rater to decide when climaxes happened in the results and to notice the kind of changes in pelvic floor withdrawals that went before and followed every climax.”

The sex toys have sensors that identify pressure, as well as instruments to quantify temperature, a spinner, and an accelerometer, all of which get sent to a server through Bluetooth. The information gathered seems to show the three kinds of climax recently depicted by Lioness:

“A ‘wave’ (a short eruption of pelvic compressions that were gone before by an entraining cadence of pelvic floor pressure and delivery), a ‘fountain of liquid magma’ (climax went before by expanding up pelvic floor strains), and an ‘torrential slide’ (higher pelvic floor basal withdrawals kept up with all through self-excitement, however a descending constriction profile during and after climax).”

Client gathered depictions of the three kinds of climax gathered by Lioness portray them in more detail. The “well of lava” climax is accounted for as “pretty much every muscle in my body worries as the delight extraordinarily heightens, and afterward there’s a colossal delivery. I know it’s over when I can unwind,” and the “torrential slide” as “my body begins shaking, and afterward I unexpectedly detonate into a climax. My body snaps and kind of fits (a decent fit) again and again until it ultimately begins to quiet down before at long last allowing my muscles to rest.”

The most widely recognized type experienced by the ladies was the wave (26 out of 54), trailed by the torrential slide (17 out of 54), and afterward the fountain of liquid magma (11 out of 54). As indicated by Lioness, the information shows that ladies just experience one sort of climax.

“Somebody with a well of lava climax will not likewise have a torrential slide climax,” they wrote in 2017. “Saying this doesn’t imply that that having various examples is inconceivable (no one can say with any certainty!), however up until this point, we haven’t had an instance of somebody having different examples or exchanging designs, considerably over long stretches of information.”

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