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Starting off promptly in the first part of the day, tasting on tepid water, slipping on my shoes and venturing out for a walk are a portion of the ‘beneficial’ things that I began working on during the pandemic. Regardless of whether I am voyaging or at home, I make a point not to miss my morning walk. Morning is likewise when I put my mini headphones in and pay attention to music and webcasts or do a directed contemplation. The OnePlus Nord Buds CE, which I am assessing now, fit well into this daily schedule. They are a bunch of genuinely remote headphones that expense under Rs 3,000. Yet, does the low cost mean less unrivaled sound quality and an unusual fit, or would they say they are on par with premium TWS? Here is all that you want to be familiar with the Nord Buds CE, including the upsides and downsides.

Plan and fit
From the beginning, Buds CE seems to be a duplicate of the second-age AirPods yet there are some plan distinctions. Not at all like on the AirPods where stems were longer and thicker, Buds CE have more limited stalks. They don’t hinder your ear trench totally, similar to the AirPods 2 or more current AirPods 3. That plan has a detriment to it: an absence of tradable silicone cushions. This implies you’ll need to put the buds straightforwardly in your ears and that will not agree with everybody. Be that as it may, for my situation, they were genuinely agreeable and remained set up while strolling or sitting at the work area day in and day out. They are usable for light activity, yet I don’t suggest them for running as they continue to tumble from your ears. I actually favor OnePlus Buds Pro for extended music listening meetings as they offer a superior fit. The Buds CE are water-and-sweat safe with an IPX4 rating, and that implies they can be utilized for exercises. Simply don’t wear them to the shower or a dip.

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Audio Quality

I’m not a specialist in sound but rather these really remote headphones sound great to me. The sound quality is fair at the cost. All through my testing, paying little heed to which classification of music I pay attention to, the Buds CE kept up with lucidity. The sound is fresh and clear. The 13.4 mm titanium drivers acquire improvement bass while cutting twisting in the highs at top volumes. While paying attention to Phir Le Aya Dil by Rekha Bhardwaj, the vocals and instruments appeared to be shockingly even. Generally, paying attention to old style music and webcasts on modest remote headphones sounds cruel on the ears. That is not the situation here. Yet, indeed, hold your assumptions under check as these are not Sony’s LinkBuds or AirPods Pro in sound quality.

Beyond listening to music, my experience of attending calls using the Buds CE has been satisfactory. I make and receive a lot of phone calls, and devices like these truly wireless earbuds come in handy especially when on the go. The microphone performance was okay but they struggle when it comes to cancelling background noise. But then, I was not expecting ANC on wireless earbuds that cost justĀ Rs 2,299. That said, using the Buds CE for phone calls or attending video calls worked well indoors, and in quiet environments. You can actually get decent results in public spaces like parks which are comparatively quieter where I stay.

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Battery life

The Buds CE come in an egg-shaped charging case with a flip-top lid. The earbuds feel very secure in their case. The case is very much pocketable, and comes in a white glossy plastic finish, which acquires light scratches very quickly. The moment you slot these earbuds into the case, they start charging automatically. Charging can be done via a USB-C cable, which is included in the box. OnePlus claims a decent 4 and a half hours of battery per charge and the case stores an additional 20 hours of juice. A quick charge of 10 minutes gives an additional 81 minutes of listening time, which comes in handy when you are running late for the office and need to attend an important call.


The Buds CE arrangement is easy. I unpacked the new remote headphones, turned on the Bluetooth network on my iPhone, opened the case top, and the mini headphones matched to my telephone in short order. The Buds CE work best with OnePlus telephones or Android cell phones, however I utilized them with my MacBook Air, iPad smaller than usual and iPhone 13 little too easily. There is a HeyMelody application (iOS/Android) that makes matching to a telephone simple as well as allows you to modify listening encounters. Sadly, as seen during my testing, the application on the iPhone doesn’t uphold the Nord Buds CE remote headphones yet.

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